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Basics First

Posted by Jay Kajavi on Thursday, July 7, 2011, In : General 

There are 3 quantities that every beginners will face when starting to learn about electronics. They are potential difference, resistance and current. The first one is refered to voltage and the unit of measurement is volts. Unit of resistance is ohms. The current is measured and displayed by amps.

The relation between these three items are expressed as V= R * I

Or Voltage equals Resistance times Current. 

For example if you pull out one of your electric stove element and measure its resi...

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What is this blog about?

Posted by John on Tuesday, July 5, 2011, In : General 

This blog site is created in the hope to share information about the electronics. Peoples who like to pursue careers in this field or hobbiest are welcome to participate in the upcoming posts.

I am an Electronic Technician who have spent lots of time in this line of work. I found it an exciting and challenging field with lots of rewards.

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